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Caffeine 50mg & Fibre 375mg

Caffeine & Fibre can be used to help manage how much we eat. The combination of caffeine, a mild anorectic agent (appetite suppressant) with fibre, which helps provide a feeling of fullness, may help reduce the overall food intake from meals and snacks and hence assist weight control.

The insoluble fibre used in our caffeine and fibre tablets is excreted largely unchanged by the body, avoiding the increase in body gases created by soluble fibre. Fibre provides little in the way of energy or nutrients but helps in the digestion and absorption of other foods. Insoluble fibre is important in the large bowel where it absorbs water, bacteria and toxins so they are more likely to be excreted rather than absorbed. Insoluble fibre hastens stool excretion.

Fibre also binds cholesterol and other fats in the bowel to reduce their absorption and can have a significant effect on cholesterol levels. [top]

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